How to Make Fruit Facial to pamper your skin

Skin is the most sensitive body part and it not only needs care but also some pamper. Here we are presenting some Fruit Facial to pamper your skin. These all are very unique of their own kind and you had never heard before. There are thousands and thousands of benefits to apply fruit facials now it is up to you that how would you use them. Remember! It is always good to apply facials in morning as your skin is fresh and can grasp all the changes immediately. But, it does not mean that if you do not have time in morning then you leave applying facials. Definitely you can do it any time but what ii meant there was, is just the preference.

Here are tips to make fruit facials at home

Watermelon Facial:

For getting soft and smooth skin you can make and apply water melon facial. It is an amazing fruit which can dehydrate your skin and give a soften effect to it. Procedure is quiet simple all you need to do is cut watermelon and take out its pulp; obviously you don’t need the whole pulp for your face. Just take out half a cup or less use common sense while doing such things at home. Because use of such fruits is very easy in home grind this half cup in blend. Now apply this pulp on your face and leave your face for about half an hour.

Papaya Facial:

Just like water melon the use of papaya is quiet simple and easy. You do not need to make hard effort just peel papaya and make the paste unlike water melon it is very soft so you can make paste with the help of spoon rather than using blender. Now apply this paste on your face and leave it for about half an hour. This will help your skin tightening and make it look young and fresh then before.

Banana Facial:

Banana is an amazing fruit with a lot of benefits, it is not only good for your body when you eat but also its facial can do wonders with your skin. Just give it a try and you will see how miraculous it is. Take a banana and make it a paste form then apply on your face and leave it for fifteen minutes and then wash it after 15 minutes


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